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Sales agreement with 35 manufacturers
Sales agreement with 35 manufacturers. We handle a variety of masks and secure price competitiveness.
We are comprised of experts with more than 10 years of working experience in manufacturer.
Protective ProductsQuarantine Products
Protective sterilizer Spray
Protective Suits
Protective boots
Nitrile Gloves
Face Shield
Hand Sanitizer
Types of MaskTypes of KF (Korea Filter) Mask
Certification nameKF (Korea Filter)Certification basis0.4㎛ Based on the filtering capacity for microparticlesParticle collection efficiency99%
Differential pressure10.3 mmH2OLeakage rate5%USFDA Classification classN95 Respiartor
KF94 (As recommended by the Korean Pharmaceutical Association)
Certification nameKF (Korea Filter)Certification basis0.4㎛ Based on the filtering capacity for microparticlesParticle collection efficiency94%
Differential pressure7.2 mmH2OLeakage rate11%USFDA Classification classFF Respiartor
Certification nameKF (Korea Filter)Certification basis0.6㎛ Based on the filtering capacity for microparticlesParticle collection efficiency80%
Differential pressure6.2 mmH2OLeakage rate25%USFDA Classification classFF Respiartor
DifferentiationDifferentiation policy
Safety secured by authorized distrubitor.
Low price.
Manufacturer reverse auction method.
Handling of all masks.
Alliance of 35 Manufacturer. Handling of all masks.
procedurePurchasing procedure
1. Inquiry
After checking the e-mail you send us, we contact you for details and clarity of information.
2. Offer
After receiving bids from manufacturers, we provide the best offer to our customer.
3. Signing of contract
We provide service to sign the contract with the selected manufacturer.
4. Payment
Payment must be deposited in the manufacturer’s account.
reviewPurchase review
  • SONG's Purchase review
    Definitely cheaper than others. I am very satisfied with the purchase of Korean products. Good work.
  • KIM's Purchase review
    I usually don’t leave comments, but I want to say thank you because you have replenished the amount we were missing. Thank you. I love the quality of our products. Our buyers from overseas are very satisfied.
  • PARK's Purchase review
    The unit price is so cheaper than what it is from other companies. We were in a hurry at the time of making the order with huge quantities, but thank you so much for getting the products at the best price.
  • LEE's Purchase review
    No disconnected strings, thick filters, and what a superb finishing. Completely different from the masks from China. Thank you for letting us purchase high quality masks at a good price.
  • JUNG's Purchase review
    We had a huge appreciation of you for completing the delivery overseas last time. I was impressed with the offer this time again. It was a difficult product to find, but you did find it. We look forward to working with you.
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I promise you an accurate and kind consultation.
We promise accurate and professional counseling for those with more than 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical companies.

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Weekday AM 9 ~ PM 6
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24 Hour
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